Natural Remedies

I felt that this blog was really needed. I only learned how powerful natural remedies were about 5 years ago. Everyone is so conditioned into thinking that modern medicine is the way to go in your well being. But these days we are all finding out that we’ve been lied to on every front. I hope that this blog can bring us all together in finding good health.

Natural Remedies


I was leaving work one day and felt a really bad pain in my chest. It was so strong, I thought this was really it. I must be having a heart attack. I could die right here and now.

I had to drive thirty miles home and I was already twelve miles into the country. With my chest really tightening it was getting harder and harder to breathe. If I could just make it an extra fourteen miles I could get to the hospital.

I made it to one of those urgent care facilities. They gave me the paper work to fill out and made me wait another thirty-five minutes before they saw me. No one else was waiting.

A Physicians assistant¬† ran an EKG then gave me an X-ray. They said I was fine, gave me a whopping bill and sent me home. With my chest still hurting, I wasn’t convinced.¬†

“I made an appointment with my Doctor and saw him the next day. He done some lab work and sent me to a specialist.”

I go to the specialist and he said he couldn’t get to me that day for a stress test but just go ahead and take these stattens and make another appointment.

I started getting upset with no stress test and to take pills without lab results. I told him “No thank you”. I thought he was a quack pill pusher. I would just do the research and figure it out myself.

It turns out that taking red palm oil cleans the plaque from your arteries. And I quit eating all those sausage and bread and drinking beer. Within a month I felt better and turned myself around.

I went back to my Doctor, done some lab work and the results came back normal. He asked me how I did it and I had to tell him I took the advice of people on the internet who didn’t trust doctors. Because they were in the business of treating patients not curing them.

So my personal feelings about all this modern medical big pharma shuffling around is just hooey. If your not about to die or suffering from a lot of trauma, try and research for yourself what natural way you can take care of yourself.

You have to keep in mind modern medicine wants to treat you not cure you, so you’ll keep coming back. And insurance companies want all your money until you become to expensive.¬†

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